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Professor Emeritus, English & Cultural Studies

Neil Brooks, PhD
Through truly incredible teamwork, our students have entertained thousands of people, but more than that, they’ve helped foster sensitivity and empathy by creating experiences to connect with groups they may have otherwise never interacted with.

Together, we can shine the spotlight on the next generation of Leaders with Heart

Complex issues demand unique solutions. That’s why Huron’s mission of Challenging Students to be Leaders with Heart requires an innovative approach to education. With the support of our community, we are establishing a dedicated performance venue to nurture students’ hearts as much as their minds, while helping them build the tangible skills to address challenges that are affecting their communities.

Huron students have been performing in various student-led productions since the 1950’s. The Huron Underground Dramatic Society (HUDS), a theatre club that has been putting on the world’s best-loved productions since the early ‘90s, is driven by student interest and our school’s enormous amount of talent across every aspect of production – from performers and directors through to tech experts and writers.

The talent, interpersonal skills and technical abilities required of HUDS’ high-quality productions culminate in nothing short of exceptional experiences – and not only for the students involved. “Our students have earned great reviews from across the community-at-large, and they’ve done it all without a theatre,” Neil Brooks shares.

In addition to the fundamental skill sets students build upon during their rigorous theatre seasons, which include money and time management, collaborative leadership, public speaking, etc., Dr. Brooks explains that he continuously hears from alumni that their HUDS performances and the friendships they developed during them are lifelong treasures and, oftentimes, the highlights of their Huron education.

On behalf of every past, current and future performer at Huron, who has and will continue to work hard to earn a sophisticated space where they can “leave their mark,” I would like to ask you to help us build a theatre that celebrates their talents and nurtures our community’s passion for the arts.

After several decades and hundreds of students ‘making do’ without a proper stage, your gift will finally provide Huron students with the platform to express themselves and enhance abilities that will significantly enrich their personal and professional lives – for many years to come.

Thank you in advance for helping us further our mission of developing well-rounded individuals who lead with their hearts as much as their minds. We look forward to applauding you when we raise the curtain on the Heart of Huron.