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International Student from Dubai, UAE

Jash Kalyani
It’s easy to mix sugar and water, and that’s what Huron is like – everyone is willing to incorporate new ideas and people – you just need to be spontaneous and open to every opportunity that comes your way.

Meet Jash Kalyani, a student who is originally from India, but completed his secondary school education at The Oxford School in Dubai. Jash is in his first year at Huron University, one of the leading Liberal Arts institutions in Canada. He is currently enrolled in a well-rounded curriculum of psychology, history, political science and gender and religious studies.

In his third year, he looks forward to supplementing these human-centric social science courses with the more technical components of a business-intensive curriculum facilitated through Huron’s dual degree program with the Richard Ivey School of Business. This unique partnership, between two of Canada’s more prestigious institutions, is just one of the many reasons Jash feels confident he made the best possible choice for his personal and professional development when he applied to Huron.

What does Jash see as the value of a Liberal Arts education? “Studying a broad range of courses helps you develop into a better and more-educated person,” the eager young student shares. “As you become more well-read, you enhance the agility and creative capacity of your mind, so you’re able to draw connections between international events, experiences and patterns in human behavior.”

Huron is a great place to develop into a globally-minded citizen because it boasts a rich demographic of international students within its close-knit community. That means, your classes are strategically-small, so you are able to access the support and opportunities you need to stand out and succeed. But, you also get to know students and professors from around the world, who support your development into a Leader with Heart – an effective yet empathetic citizen who can reshape the sectors they choose to work within.

Although Jash traveled about 12600 kilometers to get to Huron University, he says it’s not the distance, but your attitude that defines how easily you’re able to transition into your new environment. “Everyone in university has the same mind set, whether you’re from a different country, culture or background,” he explains. “You’re all starting fresh and trying to discern what your capabilities and interests are, so even if you’re traveling across the world to be here, you have nothing to worry about – the Canadian university culture is very welcoming and fluid.”

Jash builds upon what he refers to as the fluidity of campus culture by explaining, “It’s easy to mix sugar and water, and that’s what Huron is like – everyone is willing to incorporate new ideas and people – you just need to be spontaneous and open to every opportunity that comes your way.” Being willing to engage with different people and take part in the wide variety of academic and extracurricular options available to you here will make your experience that much richer.

For example, Jash founded the Huron Indian Cultural Association (HICA) and he will also be a Residence Don in the upcoming academic year. Additionally, he is also working with Huron’s community partnership department where he is planning to design an ‘internship and training module’ for upcoming students over the summer. He has taken on these leadership roles to ensure new students, regardless of where they’re from, will have a friendly face to welcome them to campus and support them to try new things, while also having access to some of the more familiar experiences they may have parted with when they took the big step, across the pond, to cultivate their very bright future as a Huron student. The last thing Jash hopes international students will keep in mind when they arrive in Canada is that, “If you are ever feeling overwhelmed or you need additional support with school or your wellbeing, don’t hesitate to reach out. Huron has created a very caring society, and no matter what you need, the people here will find a way to make it happen for you.”

If you’re thinking about engaging with an international education that nurtures your heart as much as your mind, consider coming to Huron University, so you can further evolve into a leader who attains unprecedented success, while also supporting the betterment of those around them. We look forward to having you!