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Jewish Studies

The culture and history of the Jewish people extends across more than three millennia, from Biblical times to the present, and spans most of the world, from the Middle East to Latin American and from Eastern Europe to North America. Jewish Studies at Huron offers students an interdisciplinary look at the history of Judaism and the Jews, examining the religious, social, economic, and cultural development of Judaism and Jewish life, and relationships between Jews and other communities.


Alumni Stories

An academic pursuit centred around the brilliance and resilience of the Jewish people has prepared our alumni to tackle extraordinarily challenging careers that demand critical thinking skills, cultural sensitivity and fine-tuned argumentation and communication abilities. Learn about where Jewish Studies has propelled our alumni and gain an appreciation for our these unique course offerings can empower you to be Leader with Heart across a wide variety of sectors.

Jewish Studies

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As a collaborative and interdisciplinary program, Jewish Studies offers students unique access to several different personalities and areas of expertise, as they are given the opportunity to study under professors from each of the affiliate colleges and Western University. However, as our students call Huron home, they can trust they will always receive individualized support from experts in this field who are excited about guiding their students to a greater understanding of Jewish linguistics, culture and history.

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Jewish Studies Courses

From learning oral and written Hebrew through to studying Jewish philosophical contemplations, Jewish Studies will help students attain a well-rounded understanding of this formidable religion, culture and language. Learn about the traumatic consequences of the Holocaust, as well as the heroic actions and brilliant ideas of the Jewish people who have contributed to building their communities’ to-be-admired foundation.

Introduction to Modern Jewish Thought is a new, first-year course designed to give students the chance to sample the kind of material offered in a Jewish Studies Major or Minor. It looks at recent Jewish philosophical self-understandings, and contemporary Jewish biblical scholarship dealing with moral issues such as sexuality, reproductive issues, the position of women, capital punishment and the environment.

After your first year, you can explore issues such as: Jewish film studies, Hebrew poetry & prose, Jewish women artists, Perceptions of the Middle East, the Holocaust, Jews and Muslims, Politics of the Middle East, Jewish philosophy, biblical and contemporary Hebrew.

2023 - 2024 Courses
Course – see link for Academic Calendar descriptionInstructorSection – see links for Course Outlines (Huron only)
Huron University College
Jewish Studies / Hebrew 1030 – Hebrew IIshai550
Jewish Studies / Hebrew 1040A – Introduction to Biblical Hebrew ISabo550
Jewish Studies / Hebrew 1041B – Introduction to Biblical Hebrew IISabo550
Jewish Studies 1250G – Introduction to Modern Jewish ThoughtSabo550
Jewish Studies 1370F – The Problem of Anti-SemitismTesler-Mabé550
Jewish Studies 2145F – Jewish Humour: From Bible to BoratMarks550
Jewish Studies / Hebrew 2200 – Hebrew IIIshai550
Jewish Studies / Religious Studies 2420B – Gods, Empires, Kings, & Rebels: The Hebrew Bible in ContextLemos550
Jewish Studies / History 2822F – Jewish History from the Spanish Expulsion to the Modern EraTesler-Mabé550
Jewish Studies / Hebrew 3300 – Advanced Modern Hebrew LanguageIshai550
Jewish Studies / History 3416G – The HolocaustTesler-Mabé550
King’s University College
Religious Studies 2163B – “An Eye for an Eye”: Biblical Foundations of Crime and PunishmentHalberstam650
Religious Studies 2204G – World Religions: Judaism and IslamHegedus570
Religious Studies 2286F – Introduction to JudaismKnight-Messenger570
Religious Studies / Jewish Studies 2347F – Living the Bible: Law and EthicsHalberstam270
History 3808G – Jewish Life in North America Since 1880Halpern001


2022 - 2023 Courses
CourseInstructorCourse Outline (Huron courses only)
Jewish 1370G: The Problem of Anti-SemitismTesler-Mabé (Huron)550
Jewish 1250F: Introduction to Modern Jewish ThoughtSabo (Huron)550
Jewish 2791F: Special Topics – Canadian Perspectives on the HolocaustTesler-Mabé (Huron)550
Jewish 3790G: Special Topics – Yiddish Film and LiteratureTesler-Mabé (Huron)550
Jewish 4790F: Special Topics – Jewish Religion, Jewish ArtTesler-Mabé (Huron)550
Hebrew 1030: Hebrew 1Ishai (Huron)550
Hebrew 2200: Hebrew 2Ishai (Huron)550
Hebrew 3300: Advanced Modern Hebrew LanguageIshai (Huron)550
History 2821F: Jewish History from the Origins of the Israelites to 1492 CEClark (Huron)550
History 3808G: Jewish Life in North America Since 1880Halpern (Western)001
Philosophy 2667F: Introduction to Jewish Philosophy 2: Early Modern to ContemporaryConter (Huron)550
Religious Studies 2345F: Biblical Storytelling and AdaptationHalberstam (King’s)570
Religious Studies 3450F: Judaism and the HolocaustMarks (Huron)550
Religious Studies 2163A: “An Eye for an Eye”: Biblical Foundations of Crime and PunishmentHalberstam (King’s)570
Religious Studies 2171B: Decolonizing the BibleHalberstam (King’s)570
Religious Studies 2204G: World Religions: Judaism and IslamHalberstam / Tourage (King’s)570
Religious Studies 2420B: Gods, Empires, Kings, & Rebels: The Hebrew Bible in ContextTBD (Huron)550
Religious Studies 3453F: Suffering, Grief, & InjusticeHalberstam (King’s)570
Religious Studies 4040F: Prophetic LiteratureLemos (Huron)550
2021 - 2022 Courses

Start your exploration in Jewish Studies with our 1000-level courses that will introduce you to the history, culture and language of the Jewish people. These introductory courses are accessible to students who have varying degrees of familiarity with the subject matter.

Build upon your knowledge by sharpening linguistic skills and religious and cultural awareness with more senior-level Hebrew, Religious Studies and History courses. Investigate expressions and experiences unique to the Jewish people, while also deepening your understanding of other minority and oppressed communities – and the world more broadly.

CourseInstructorCourse Outline
HEB 1021B – Introduction to Modern HebrewIshaiView course outline
HEB 1030 – Hebrew IIshaiView course outline
HEB 1040A – Introduction to Biblical HebrewTBDView course outline
HEB 1041B – Introduction to Biblical Hebrew IITBDView course outline
HEB 2200 – Hebrew IIIshaiView course outline
HEB 3300 – Advanced Modern Hebrew LanguageIshaiView course outline
 HIST 2822F – Jewish History From 1492 TBDView course outline
HIST 3808G – Jewish Life in North America Since 1880HalpernSee Western
JEWISH 1250F – Introduction to Modern Jewish ThoughtConterView course outline
JEWISH 1370G – The Problem of Anti-SemitismHopeView course outline
JEWISH 2791F – Special Topics in Jewish StudiesHopeView course outline
MIT 3931G – Century of GenocidehoursGrzybSee Western
RELSTUD 2163A – “An Eye For An Eye”HalberstamSee King’s
 RELSTUD 2204F– World Religions: Judaism and IslamHegedusSee King’s
RELSTUD 2286F – Introduction to JudaismHalberstamSee King’s
RELSTUD 2420B – The Hebrew Bible in ContextTBDView course outline
RELSTUD 2347F – Living the BibleHalberstamSee King’s
RELSTUD 3450F – Judaism and the HolocaustMarksView course outline
RELSTUD 4040F – Prophetic LiteratureLemosView course outline
2020 - 2021 Courses
2019 - 2020 Courses


With increased empathy and globally-focused historical and cultural knowledge, Jewish Studies graduates are prepared to contribute significant value to a wide range of rewarding career paths. Whether they chose to pursue further study or leverage their transferrable skills across corporate, government and non-profit sectors, these Leaders with Heart will stand out as critical analysts, expert writers and skilled researchers and linguists.

Where will a degree in Jewish Studies take you?
  • Lawyer
  • Historian
  • Public and high school teacher
  • Professor
  • Business executive and strategist
  • Journalist
  • Accountant
  • Financial service consultant
  • Theologian
  • Salesperson
  • Social worker
  • Lobbyist
  • Community activist and service worker
  • Non-profit professional

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